Peloton Accessories and Reviews

updated august 2020

Whether you just ordered a new Peloton spin bike or you have been riding with Peloton for years, some upgraded accessories are sure to make every ride better. Below is an evergreen list of must have "pelocessories". These items have all been personally reviewed or highly rated by multiple trusted sources online. If you have an accessory for your Peloton that you can't live without, nominate a product here.

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Heart Rate Monitors

If you want to take full advantage of your Peloton's performance tracking you are going to want an accurate and comfortable heart rate monitor. Your choices come down to an arm band, a chest strap, or a smart watch.

Here are my recommendations for each. Armband The Polar OH1+ tops my list and is what I personally use. It has six optical sensors, has 12 hours of battery life and is rechargeable. It can also be used for other sports and activities, including swimming. It links can link to your bike and your Apple iPhone or Android device. All-in-all a solid choice.

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Toe Cage

While clip-in cleats are the best way to go for serious riders. Sometimes a family member or guest might want to use your Peloton. That is why you must have a toe-cage. Get this all-in-one solution from Exustar that has both the cage and the Look Delta clips (just like on your cleats).

Note: Exustar is the same brand that Peloton is willing to sell to you if you call them to order. The cost between Amazon and Peloton, with shipping is about the same.

Charging Solution

Did you know that the back of the Peloton screen has a USB port. You can use this port to charge your bluetooth headphones or heart rate monitor. Simply get a cord like this one to convert the port to the standard size for USB chargeable accessories.


While the Peloton screen does have a regular headphone jack, you are going to want something wireless to really get into your rides. Here are some top wireless headphone candidates to consider.

The AfterShokz Titanium headphones are unique because they use bone-conductive technology to leave your ears open. This is great if you might need to hear something going on elsewhere in your home or if you simply don't like headphones in your ears (or over your ears) while working out.

Also great:


If you really want to rock and you aren't worried about bothering others in your household (or neighborhood) check out the Echo Studio. Connect your Peloton to it using bluetooth and you are ready to ride.

Home Gym

A shelf somewhere near your bike is a must. A place to keep extra towels and water while you ride. And a place to store your shoes when not in use. There are tons of great custom options that you can find on Etsy. But if you want a more utilitarian option, check out a cubby shelving unit like this one.

Floor Mats

You are going to want to have a equipment mat to protect your flooring and make it easier to clean up sweat. I suggest the offerings from BalanceFrom they have a 3 feet by 6.5 feet mat as well as a smaller 2.5 feet by 5 feet mat. Either will fit your Peloton. For comparison, the mat sold by Peloton is 3 feet by 6.

Water Bottles

Your Peloton has two water bottle holders and you are going to want to have some quality bottles that insulate and are squeezable with high flow spouts.

Check out the CamelBak Chill Podium and the 50 Strong Insulated Water Bottle.


No matter what climate you live in, when spinning indoors, you are going to want some serious air movement. WooZoo makes some great fans with remotes that will allow you to control a fan placed across the room. Check out their whole lineup here.


I am a fellow Peloton rider who has done a bunch of research on my own accessory purchases and wanted to extend my knowledge to the broader Peloton team. I am not paid for any reviews or endorsements, though the links above are Amazon Associate links to defer the cost of this website.

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